The Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarship Program is designed for those students who wish to take part in a fast learning of the language, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice it at the same time.
scholarship program in argentina

The academic syllabus covers all the aspects of the language learning process (writing, reading, speaking and understanding) with special emphasis on the development of communicational skills on the part of the student. The objective is that the language acquisition can be further enhanced by its continuous use in real life situations and contexts.  This program includes 6 daily group lessons. (40 minutes each lesson) during 2 weeks.

What does each PARTIAL scholarship include?

  • Orientation – Video of Argentina
  • Walking tour –  CenterCórdobaCórdoba City
  • A 2-week Intensive Full Spanish Cultural Immersion course
  • 6 lessons of daily Spanish language and Cultural classes. (Monday/Friday)
  • A program of 60 lessons in total + covering Spanish language, culture classes, activities and current events
  • Homestay in a furnished single or shared  room  of a house or flat. Living with local students, young working people.
  • Breakfast and dinner (Half board)
  • Visit to Museums:  Buen Pastor –  Palacio Ferreyra
  • Visit to Archivo de la Memoria (Desaparecidos)
  • Argentinean Wine tasting
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Certification
  • 24-hour emergency phone line

Cross Cultural Training Program, 
Folder containing a map of the city, workbook. 
Access to reading and reference books, Hispanic song, etc. 
Free Internet Access
, Free coffee and tea.  
Permanent information about excursions, films, sports, theater, concerts, etc.
 And on satisfactory participation in the course, a certificate of completion, listing the student’s level of Spanish, the duration of the course and the hours of study completed.

Students will be required to attend all program activities, including classroom instruction, cultural excursions. Absences will only be excused for medical reasons.

There are weekly tests and quizzes. A very important aspect of the program is the requirement that the students keep a daily journal written in their language of study. These journals are reviewed by language instructors on a daily basis and provide an important record of the students progress, whether they are mastering new vocabulary and more complex grammar and sentence structure. 

Students will receive 30 lessons of language instruction a week, including an adaptation course and cultural classes (orientation and modeling real-life situations to facilitate students’ adaptation to new cultural environment), a corrective course of Spanish pronunciation, Spanish Grammar, Communicating in Spanish, Argentinean and South American Culture studies.

The courses will cover the following aspects:

Listening comprehension, phonetics and pronunciation
Conversation, reading, writing
Vocabulary building and lexical practice 
Argentinean Cultural Studies 
South American Cultural Studies.
Students will also participate in a variety of cultural enrichment lectures and activities. These activities are an essential component of the language acquisition process and attendance is mandatory.
This intensive course provides a solid foundation in both grammar and practical conversation skills. The course meets for six lessons daily, five days a week, for 2 weeks. Peer helpers provide additional practice hours in the afternoon, on location or during the weekly excursions to cultural and historical sites of the region. Seminars, participation in local cultural events are part of the overall program.

 Students should improve their ability to communicate in Spanish from the isolated dialogue situations of the classroom, to the everyday realities of modern Argentinean life. They should be able to interact smoothly with their cultural environment. Students who attack their study program aggressively can learn up to 800 new vocabulary items, turning an average student vocabulary of essential items into the fluent working vocabulary of a functional adult speaker. Furthermore, students will have a deep exposure to Argentinean culture. For those students that have requested group classes and there is no group with the same level as the interested person, a reduction of hours will be done to compensate group classes with the corresponding proportional individual classes.

Total Program Fees: USD 480

At the moment there are only PARTIAL scholarships only in Córdoba city.  The total costs of participation with the Partial Scholarship is U$S 480 (US Dollars) and includes: Spanish and cultural courses, accommodation, school activities, study material, certification, administrative and registration fees, tax and civil liability and medical emergency insurance.

Payment by Bank transfer: The U$S 480 payable by bank deposit. In order to confirm your booking we need to have the total amount of the program deposited in our bank account.  We do not take credt or debit cards at our offices.  Take into account that all bank fees for the transferece must be covered by the student. Be sure to ask your bank about this otherwise the payment for your program will be incomplete.  A copy of the receipt´s bank deposit must be sent to confirm the booking.

Spending money: You should think about U$S 8 a day for meals and general cost of living. Remember that air ticket could be very expensive to travel to Argentina, take your time to find out the best deals but don´t wait too much.


Start Date End Date
1 05-Jan-2015 16-Jan-2015
2 02-Mar-2015 13-Mar-2015
3 10-Agu-2015 21-Aug-2015
4 31-Aug-2015 11-Sep-2015
5 09-Nov-2015 20-Nov-2015
6 30-Nov-2015 11-Dec-2015