What are the Super-Intensive Spanish Course?

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for people who want to learn Spanish language in as short a time as possible.  As an educational institution, one of objectives is to promote the Spanish language in the world. Center of Spanish and Culture offer students the possibility of getting a scholarship to study Spanish in Argentina. This course and its scholarship is recommended for serious students who want to make the most of their time abroad to achieve a good language level in Spanish.

Beginner/Intermediate – 2 weeks – Homestay – Half board – 80 lessons  - Cultural Immersion

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for beginners & intermediate who really want to learn as much as possible and achieve fluency during their time abroad. So, the prerequisite to participate is to be a complete beginners or have had only very little contact with the language.  If you are an intermediate or advance you can contact us for other learning opportunities.

Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarships Programs is pleased to announce 10 Partial Scholarships per program to attend in Córdoba a Super-intensive Spanish Language Course.  The program main objective is to diffuse the Spanish language worldwide.  We usually receive about 40 applications forms per program and at the moment +500 students from around the world had the opportunity to come to study Spanish since 2009.  It is very simple to study Spanish in Argentina, this unique program can help you to find an easy way to experience a wonderful international experience.

Two weeks is the ideal period of time to get the most from your total immersion in Spanish. Two weeks allows you the time to adapt to a new environment and to deepen or refresh your knowledge of Spanish.

You’ll be able, at your own pace, to put into practice what you learn, both during the structured courses and when participating in the other activities we arrange.  You’ll have the time to find your feet, to understand Spanish better and better, to gain in confidence and to improve permanently your skill-level in the language.

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An amazing Spanish & Culture learning experience

Our classrooms are located in downtown Córdoba in the heart of the city, on San Martin main square, the most important area of Córdoba (pedestrian street). This is the corner of San Jerónimo street and Buenos Aires street, close to all you may need: restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, theaters, historical buildings, bookstores, commercial stores, banks, ATM´s, shopping areas, tourist attractions, events, etc.

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Our Spanish language classes are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Córdoba, and have earned its name and reputation by offering a serious education.

Truly unique language learning program

Living with a local host family in Córdoba while you learn Spanish will put you in a privileged and unique position to practice Spanish outside of the classroom. Once you step through your family’s door you will practice your Spanish in a relaxed and authentic environment.

Total Immersion has been proven to be the most effective way of learning another language. Besides being immersed by the language in homestays, students will also be totally immersed by Spanish everywhere else: it is on the radio, it’s in the shops, on the TV, on every road sign, in the restaurants, in the newspaper, in our cultural and social activities, in the street and basically everywhere the student goes to: a true Spanish Total Immersion!

Students should be prepared for the fact that families will only speak Spanish. Even if some family members know some English or Portuguese, they are told to only communicate in Spanish. At the beginning it can be difficult to communicate, but it is totally worth it!  Living with a local during your Spanish course is undoubtedly the best way to get a real feel of an American culture, customs & way of life.

Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarships Programs is a result of special agreements and relationships between two Spanish educational organizations, the Government of Argentina, Euro Club and Club of Córdoba. The Scholarship program has been designed to enhance educational and professional opportunities for students, and will benefit the Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarships Programs as it continues to pursue the increase and diffusion of knowledge.

The goal of this Scholarship program is to give the students an in-depth understanding of the culture and civilization of Argentina, and how it fits into the wider spectrum of America. A series of lectures and readings on the historical, philosophical, literary and artistic development of Argentina and America form the basis for class discussion. In order to familiarize students with their new surroundings and the academic system, an orientation period is scheduled at the beginning of the program.

Rapid learning progress

This program concentrates on the development of greater fluency and accuracy in the spoken as well as the written language.  Students will be exposed to aural-oral practice through the presentation of oral reports and class discussions based on short literary pieces by Hispano-American authors.  Greater accuracy in the language will be achieved through intensive practice of the grammatical structures. Class time is also devoted to developing native-like vocabulary, enabling students to participate in a wide range of practical, social, professional, and academic discussions, and developing the higher functions of the language, such as making hypotheses, supporting opinions, and dealing with abstract thought.

Our highly effective, conversational style of instruction immerses you in your new language and makes learning fast and easy. Our instructors are native-fluent speakers who focus on the practical grammar and vocabulary you’ll use in real-life situations.


Who can participate?

The Intensive Spanish Language Courses are designed for students who need to learn and improve their Spanish language skills in a relatively short period of time. If you are motivated to learn as much Spanish as possible during your stay in Argentina, these Intensive Courses can be highly recommended. The Intensive Courses are the ones with the most varied types of students participating, including all age groups and many different backgrounds.

Aims and objectives: The aim of the course is to enable participants to function at a basic survival level covering professional/everyday areas/topics.

On completion of the course participants should be able to communicate in and understand the language on a number of professional and everyday matters. Language learning skills, including autonomous learning and how to approach authentic material, will be developed. Cultural awareness and some transferable skills will also be developed.

What are the components of the course?

The course content includes reading, writing, audiovisual, listening and speaking components. The principal goal of the entire program is to help students develop their proficiency.  As a proficiency-based program guided by the our Language Center, our program emphasizes what students can do with language rather than simply what they know about it.

We use a full-immersion, integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally conducted classes, informally at home with your host family and during extra-curricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that participating in a mix of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.

We expect that you will:

• Participate actively in all class activities
• Follow your teacher’s instructions
• Submit assignments on time
• Attend every lesson on time
• Complete each course successfully to proceed to the next one

What will I learn?

Through this course, you will develop level:

  • accuracy and fluency in speaking and writing
  • awareness of the writing process
  • reading sub-skills
  • listening sub-skills

What is the level of this course?

This program is only designed for beginners or intermediate level of Spanish Students with Spanish Advanced Level are not accepted in this program

Spanish Beginner Level

This level is created for those individuals that have never been taught Spanish before and for those that have a limited knowledge of the language. In terms of communication, the student will acquire a sufficient amount of vocabulary and language tools to help him/her cope with conversations ranging from simple to somewhat complex. Topics will vary; greetings, numbers, and simple vocabulary to deal with daily activities such as renting a car, using the post office, shopping for clothes or food, ordering food or creating short conversations about home, work or education are a few examples of such topics.

Spanish Intermediate Level

This level strengthens the language skills that students previously learned. The students attain a larger bank of vocabulary words and language tools, which give them the opportunity to communicate in more complex situations than the novice student would. The vocabulary and topics to be studied range in scope from making telephone calls with or without operator assistance, making a hotel or restaurant reservation expressing preferences, going to the doctor to dealing with daily activities such as food shopping, using the barber shop, etc. Some of the topics seen in the beginner level are repeated but these topics are studied more carefully and communicative production from students is increasingly more complex.

Spanish High-Intermediate Level

This level emphasizes the oral – listening communication skills of the Spanish language; therefore, the oral communication is more complex and detailed than in previous levels. In addition, several reading comprehension exercises are provided as part of the course work for homework as well as classroom work.  Additionally, the listening and speaking skills are put to a test with the provision of a wide variety of learning situations. There is an ample range of vocabulary to be acquired to strengthen deal with more complex and detailed situations that the novice or intermediate student would not be able to face.   The topics to be studied in this level are repetitions of those studied in previous levels but the detailed vocabulary to be learned provide students with better tools to face even more complex situations than before. Examples of these are solving communication problems using the telephone, requesting a bank loan, fixing a car problem, following commands to prepare a recipe, going to the hospital, etc.

Our curriculum and, therefore, our teaching plans are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which sets the standard for all our Spanish Schools.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) plays a central role in language and education policy worldwide. It has growing relevance for language testers and examination boards, helping to define language proficiency levels and interpret language qualifications.

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12 ways to improve your Spanish outside the classroom

  • When you listen to songs in Spanish, pay attention to the lyrics. Moreover, since many CDs include lyrics with the liner notes, you can read them while listening.
  • Read books in Spanish. Choose books you have already read in your native language or those that have been made into films which you have seen. This will make it easier for you to understand the plot and the content.
  • Choose a Spanish language magazine, a blog, or a newspaper that interests you and read it frequently.
  • Watch Spanish language news programs on TV.
  • Watch Spanish language movies on DVD either with subtitles in Spanish or without any subtitles.
  • Attend plays or other events (talks, presentations) in Spanish organized by Spanish language organizations.
  • Visit art exhibitions or participate in other art events that are offered in Spanish, including cultural events at the Municipality and Province of Córdoba.
  • Chat online with native speakers. Keep in mind that internet users do not always use “correct” Spanish.
  • If the operating language of your mobile is your native language, switch to Spanish. As you associate a function of your mobile with a certain word, you will be able to learn basic Spanish vocabulary.
  • Practice specific communication situations on your own – at home in front of the mirror, for example. Imagine that you are introducing yourself, disagreeing, giving an interview, or asking for information. Find a partner and role-play.
  • Practice your pronunciation by reading out loud. It’s a good idea to be together with someone who knows Spanish and can correct you. Also, you record yourself and notice the way you speak. Set yourself specific goals, such as understanding the difference in pronunciation between “cat” and “cut”. Write down the words you often mispronounce.
  • Write down new words you learn in a special notebook. Remember to review them on a regular basis.

Enjoy your Immersion Language Learning

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