What are the Super-Intensive Spanish Course?

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for people who want to learn Spanish language in as short a time as possible.  As an educational institution, one of objectives is to promote the Spanish language in the world. Center of Spanish and Culture offer students the possibility of getting a scholarship to study Spanish in Argentina. This course and its scholarship is recommended for serious students who want to make the most of their time abroad to achieve a good language level in Spanish.

Beginner/Intermediate – 2 weeks – Homestay – Half board – 80 lessons  - Cultural Immersion

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for beginners & intermediate who really want to learn as much as possible and achieve fluency during their time abroad. So, the prerequisite to participate is to be a complete beginners or have had only very little contact with the language.  If you are an intermediate or advance you can contact us for other learning opportunities.

Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarships Programs is pleased to announce 10 Partial Scholarships per program to attend in Córdoba a Super-intensive Spanish Language Course.  The program main objective is to diffuse the Spanish language worldwide.  We usually receive about 40 applications forms per program and at the moment +500 students from around the world had the opportunity to come to study Spanish since 2009.  It is very simple to study Spanish in Argentina, this unique program can help you to find an easy way to experience a wonderful international experience.

Two weeks is the ideal period of time to get the most from your total immersion in Spanish. Two weeks allows you the time to adapt to a new environment and to deepen or refresh your knowledge of Spanish.

You’ll be able, at your own pace, to put into practice what you learn, both during the structured courses and when participating in the other activities we arrange.  You’ll have the time to find your feet, to understand Spanish better and better, to gain in confidence and to improve permanently your skill-level in the language.

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The Argentinean Language and Culture Scholarship Program is designed for those students who wish to take part in a fast learning of the language, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice it at the same time.
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You are about to discover a unique and privileged place in South America, a city recognized by its history, culture, and university tradition. It is also characterized by the beauty of its landscapes of hills, rivers, and lakes, the elegance of its malls, its artistic vanguard, and its role as an unquestionable protagonist in the formation and development of Argentina.